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The Development Trend of Mine Explosion - proof Motor


(1) the development of high-power motor: the world's largest coal crusher installed capacity of more than 1200kw, the drive motor power of 600kW; compatible mining area scraper conveyor maximum installed capacity of more than 1500kW, its drive Motor power has reached 725kW. The current domestic shearer drive motor maximum power is 400kW, scraper conveyor drive motor maximum power is 315kW.


(2) the development of 3.3kV, 6kV and IOkV voltage of the mine motor: This is because the popularity of integrated mechanized coal mining unit after the mining area to lengthen, resulting in increased voltage drop, while the use of high-power motor also requires to improve the voltage level The


(3) the development of mining two-speed motor: In order to meet the coal mine low-speed start and high-speed operation of the work needs of foreign mining scraper conveyor are driven by two-speed motor. But the domestic mining two-speed motor power range, performance indicators and supporting control switch performance and foreign advanced level compared to a certain gap.


(4) to improve the reliability of mine motor: mine explosion-proof motor operating conditions are poor, the motor frequent heavy load start, load changes, voltage fluctuations, high ambient temperature and a certain degree of corrosion, which affect The reliability and longevity of the motor.


(5) to speed up the upgrading of mine explosion-proof motor.


(6) uniform mine explosion-proof motor standard.

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