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The Development Trend of Explosion - proof Motor for Petrochemical System


(1) Increased demand for increased safety and non-sparking motors will be on the rise. Petrochemical system users in the use of practice; has recognized the development of China's safety and non-spark-type motor of the necessity. In addition, a large number of the 20th century, 70 years bow [into the device supporting the increase in type, no spark-type motor has now come to the appropriate national product replacement time.


(2) the reliability of explosion-proof motor has been more and more concerned about the petrochemical system users. Petrochemical enterprise development increasingly large-scale device, running continuous, requiring the system to run to achieve long-term, maintenance-free or less maintenance. Therefore, the explosion-proof motor to ensure that the requirements of the key equipment.


(3) explosion-proof and efficient frequency control motor has become an urgent petrochemical users to develop energy-saving products. In recent years has been a series of production YBx, YAX explosion-proof high-performance motor, very popular with the user after the market. Explosion-proof motor energy has two aspects of work: First, the development of high efficiency explosion-proof motor products, the second is a large number of development of a variety of explosion-proof motor-specific motor products, in particular, will have great potential for energy-saving fans, pumps and compressors supporting the motor design Speed ​​motor.


(4) the development of coastal petrochemical enterprises to bring new requirements. China's coastal area will build a number of refineries, crude oil are required to import, and imports of crude oil containing high sulfur, corrosive serious, and thus require explosion-proof motor to improve corrosion resistance; another imports of crude oil are required to sea, the storage tank need to support high Head of large flow pump explosion-proof motor.


(5) China's western oil industry's great development, requiring the development of desert dry and hot environment for explosion-proof motor products. Hydrogenation device supporting the use of large-capacity increase in the type of brushless synchronous motor market needs to grow year by year.

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