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National explosion - proof motor energy saving and safety technology development seminar held in Wan Wan


By the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association sponsored explosion-proof motor energy and safety technology development seminar held in Nanyang grand.


Golden Hyatt hotel on the fourth floor of the conference hall, the group finished, full of friends. China Machinery Industry Association, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, honorary president of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, former Deputy Minister Lu Yansun, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Tiegang, the State Energy Bureau of Resources and Technology and Equipment Division Deputy Director Oriole, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Deputy director of the State Administration of Supervision and Quarantine Jing Xiaobo, Deputy Director of the State Administration of Science and Technology of the Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, and the Deputy Director of the Energy Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Director and Secretary General of the China Machinery Industry Federation Zhao Chi, Chairman of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Xing Yujiu, Vice President and Secretary General of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Fang Xiaoyan, Deputy Director of Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Zhao Weisheng, Director of Industrial Department of Provincial Development and Reform Commission Gao Yi, Mike Robinson, President, PPI Engineering Company, UK And other units of more than 300 leaders and experts attended the meeting, party secretary Li Wenhui, Mayor Mu Weimin sent a congratulatory letter for the seminar, vice mayor Cui Jun on behalf of the four leaders of the city leaders and hosted a welcome dinner.


With the world to save energy and protect the environment increasingly attention, research and development production efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, "green motor" will become China's explosion-proof motor manufacturing enterprises the only way. The 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development clearly states: "Accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and raise the level of ecological civilization." The market penetration rate of domestic high-efficiency motor is less than 5%. To speed up the efficient motor Promotion efforts, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance held in March 19 at the 2011 high-efficiency motor promotion work conference made it clear that China will strictly assess the system, the new project must use all efficient electrical and other energy-saving equipment and products; Will take the way to supplement the award, encourage the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation, contract energy management projects, promote the use of efficient motor, and require improved energy efficiency standards, continue to do the motor energy efficiency labeling of energy-saving certification. This year the country's efficient motor promotion task is 31.77 million kilowatts, accounting for about 30% of the annual sales of domestic motor. These promotion tasks are respectively undertaken by Nanfang Group (the largest number of tasks, 2.9 million kilowatts), Xiangtan Electric, Wolong Electric and other 50 motor manufacturers, and asked enterprises to expand the scale of efficient motor production, improve production and marketing system, increase the promotion efforts , To guide the end user to purchase efficient motor.


The seminar was held to implement the national "second Five-Year" plan, implement the national energy-saving emission reduction policies to promote better corporate social responsibility to promote the healthy development of China's explosion-proof motor industry for the majority of motor users to provide energy efficient motor and Better service, to achieve safe production, green growth.


In the seminar, the atmosphere was warm and the leaders and experts were involved in Xing Yuchi, Zhao Weisheng, Jing Xiaobo, Huang Li, Kaojiejie, Zhao Chi, Lu Yansun, Wei Huajun, Xiang Dihai, Zhao Yuejin, Wang Jun, Wang Zongjing, Li Dechu, Qin Wenjie, Mike Robinson And so on, from different angles to explore the explosion-proof motor energy and safety technology development related issues, put forward innovative mechanisms, pay close attention to implement, accelerate the use of efficient motor and a number of valuable opinions and suggestions, the seminar to achieve the desired purpose, Has been a complete success.

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