Timely find, maintenance and exclusion of explosion-proof motor fault is of great significance.

The cause of explosion-proof motor loss of blasting and eliminate roughly the following several ways:

1, due to improper maintenance and installation, make the explosion-proof surface severe corrosion. Therefore, adopt the right installation process, and maintenance according to maintenance system carefully.

2, explosion-proof surface severe mechanical damage. This is due to improper installation or transport hoisting, if the repair is difficult, must be replaced with the type of motor.

3, seal damage, not sealing function. This is due to improper fastening screws. Fastening screw too tight, too hard, cause seal fracturing; Fastening screw is too loose, the sealing ring by external corrosion, also easy to damage, loss of sealing effect. In the material of the sealing ring is not good can cause premature damage, at this time with a qualified sealing material change.

4, explosion-proof surface deformation. This is because the parts machining precision is not enough, improper material handling, and improper operation, etc. When required to install the strength should be uniform, machining, according to pattern processing accuracy and roughness. For explosion-proof surface deformation is very serious, it is difficult to repair the motor when it is necessary to replace new motor. Slight deformation, but also caused by improper installation, can be applied to.

5, daily maintenance is not good, has the following several aspects: too much grime and not timely cleaning; Screw loosening, failed to timely check and tighten; Insulation of be affected with damp be affected with damp, reduce insulation resistance; Explosion-proof surface corrosion, etc. Therefore, to seriously in accordance with the maintenance procedures for inspection and maintenance work.

6, motor overheating. Usually the cause of motor overheating and the processing method is as follows: the ventilation system has fault; Fan damaged or wrong model. The problems existing in the solution is to regularly check the maintenance, to deal with in time; Motor bearing fault, cause he bore, motor core is equal to the motor overload, to timely replacement of qualified bearings; Motor overload, should according to the motor size to adjust the load size; Low power supply voltage is too high, should make the power supply voltage rating; Motor from corrosion, should check the seal and screw fastening; Winding malfunction, such as winding short-circuit, single-phase circuit, winding grounding, check out the repair in time.